Organizing Committee

Honor President

Prof.Yongshun Ling, Electronic Engineering Institute of PLA, China


Prof.Yihua Hu, National University of Defense Technology,China

Prof. Pei Wan, University of Science and Technology of China, China

Committee member:(in alphabet order) 

Prof. Chongwen Zhou, University of Science and Technology of China

Prof. Dabin Yu, China State Key Lab of Pulsed Power Laser

Prof. Hua Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Prof. Jiaming Shi, China State Key Lab of Pulsed Power Laser

Prof. Karima HORCHANI-NAIFER, Centre National des Recherches en Sciences des Matériaux, Technopole Borj Cedria, Laboratoire de physico-Chimie des Matériaux Minéraux et leurs Applications, TUNISIA

Prof. Liang Li, Anhui University/ Institutes of Physical Science and Information Technology 

Prof. Lu yuan , State Key Laboratory of Pulsed Power Laser Technology

Prof. Marko Topič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. Ming Li, Substance research institute, China

Prof. Ranjana Jha, Netaji Subhas University of Technology, India

Prof. Xiaoning Fu, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China

Prof. Xiaoxia Li, State Key Laboratory of Pulsed Power Laser Technology

Prof. Yanlin Liao, Anhui University, China

Prof. Yujun Zhang, Substance research institute, China

Asso. Prof. Ming Li, Chinese Academy of Science/ Solid State Physics

Asst. Prof. Reena Ittyachan, Department of Physics, Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy, Affiliated to University of Calicut, India

Dr. Beddiaf ZAIDI, Department of Physics, Faculty of Material Sciences, University of Batna 1, Algeria

Dr. C. Shivakumara, Indian Institute of Science / Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit., India

Dr. D.Sajan, Department of Physics, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Affiliated to University of Kerala, India

Dr. Zaineb Baccouch, National School of Engineers of Sfax/Mechanical Department, Tunisia

Secretary-general: Prof. Lu yuan (State Key Laboratory of Pulsed Power Laser Technology)