The 2019 International Conference on Optoelectronic Science and Materials (ICOSM 2019) aims to provide a communication platform for experts, scholars, engineers and technicians in optoelectronics and electronic engineering. Through discussing scientific research achievements and frontier technologies, we can understand the academic development trend, broaden the research ideas, strengthen the academic research and discussion and promote the industrialization of academic achievements.

Theme setting of the conference:

(1) Infrared Technique and infrared information processing

(2) Optical information processing technology and application

(3) Photoelectric functional materials and devices

(4) Plasma technology

(5) Laser technology and application

Topics include but are not limited to:

1. Infrared technology and infrared information processing

(1) Infrared technology

(2) Infrared device

(3) Infrared information processing

(4) Atmospheric transmission of infrared radiation

(5) Infrared spectroscopy

(6) Infrared technology application

2. Optical information processing technology and application

(1) Optical information collection

(2) Optical holography

(3) Optical measurement technology

(4) Optical signal processing

(5) Optical technology application

3. Photoelectric functional materials and devices

(1) Optical functional materials

(2) Nano optical film material

(3) Photonic crystals and microstructured fibers

(4) Micro-nano photonics technology and devices

(5) Optical metamaterials

4. Plasma technology

(1) Plasma generation

(2) Wave propagation in plasma

(3) Plasma technology application

(4) Plasma diagnosis

5.Laser technology and applications

(1) Laser generation

(2) Laser transmission

(3) Laser material

(4) Laser and matter interaction

(5) Laser technology application








1. 红外技术与红外信息处理







2. 光学信息处理技术及应用

















5. 激光技术及应用